The latest Mango collections keep offering amazing things and captivating sources of inspiration for every girl who wants to remain on the fashion radar. This time, the Spanish label surprises everyone with another beautiful lookbook for summer 2011 called ‘Color & Stripes’. Starring in the campaign is supermodel Eniko Mihalik who sports casual, eye-popping outfits, perfect for brightening up your summer wardrobe.

As the name suggests, the new lookbook is dedicated to some of the hottest fashion trends for spring/summer 2011 that seem to have caught all our attention: brights and stripes. What better way to add some fun into your styling than by choosing a turquoise top, a yellow cardigan, a pair of vibrant green pants or even a navy blue short one-piece suit? This season, get ready to turn your clothes into real conversation pieces.

Even though color blocking might seem rather scary, with just a few simple tricks you can rock this trend. A pop of color will always revive a monotone outfit and bring a smile on your face. What does color block mean anyway? Well, it just means putting together an outfit by adding parts or blocks of solid color next to each other in order to obtain a voguish effect that can become a style statement. If you find this too much, choose a bright accessory and match it to a neutral look. Easy and utterly effective!

This season we have been able to notice a real stripes addiction. From tops and cardigans to skirts and dresses, it seems that nothing can stop the stripe domination. The ultimate fashionista will undoubtedly know that stripes are not just oh-so-stylish, but they also represent the greatest way to sculpt your silhouette. In fact, everyone should be aware of their incredible optical illusion potential that can slim and elongate the figure. No wonder stripes became our biggest summer crush.

Stripes, whether they are vertical, horizontal or diagonal, work great when it comes to feminizing the body, making it look thinner and taller, but they are also a good method to refresh a dull look. A good example in this sense is the yellow cardigan from Mango that can make you look brighter in an instant.

The latest Mango ‘Color & Stripes’ lookbook transmits a bold message through dazzling brights and playful stripes. Besides, the daring combination of the two trends takes everything to a whole new level, where fashion meets art. Therefore, don’t be afraid to play with your styling and step out in a blue and white striped dress accessorized with a black leather belt and a red clutch. This season, think dramatic by teaming stripes with animal prints. Be adventurous when it comes to mixing and matching and don’t forget to stay optimistic.

Photos courtesy of Mango