We’ve seen plenty of interesting fall looks, resort options to get excited for what the future brings. But we shouldn’t forget the magnificent alternatives that lay right in front of us at the moment, especially since we are talking about ultra flattering, balanced alternatives like the ones presented in the Maje summer 2012 collection. The desire of staying on trend is perfectly matched with the desire of purchasing classy, versatile pieces that can easily be translated into the seasons to come and look spectacular every time.

Mixing feminine vibes with well defined structures and occasional masculine vibes, keeping things well balanced and placing a few well thought-out trendy vibes are the keys to success in the brand’s newest collection. Fab shorts, abstract printed jumpsuits, simple and modern dresses along with fab jackets for colder days, all have a place in a well defined, functional summer wardrobe.

If you’re interested in filling up the gap trend-wise, the label offers a variety of stylish elements: whether we are talking about a little bit of shine in the middle of the day, a wild animal print or a few ruffles and prints, these are some of the simplest and most effective alternatives to avoid feeling restricted by seemingly practical and versatile choices. Blending bold tones with neutral options or even opting for the summery almost all white outfit is a great way to ensure you stay classy while avoiding boredom every single time.

Keeping things simple accessory-wise feels quite intuitive for summer when relaxation and simplicity become the most desirable characteristics style-wise. Wedges, low heel sandals, belts or bracelets are a few simple options that make the outfits more appealing while allowing us to breathe and move freely. Staying stylish feels surprisingly intuitive with such interesting examples on how to achieve the right balance between needs and wants.

Photo courtesy of Maje