Envisioning fun combos to keep you looking great all season long is not always an easy task, yet brands like Maje, which mastered the art of bringing simple and uber chic combos on a regular basis can definitely prove a worthwhile source of creative insight. After making British sensation Alexa Chung the face of the Maje fall 2012 campaign, the label brings more interesting alternatives worth recreating this season.

Bringing femininity with a simple touch even in mid winter might prove a risky strategy yet the label masters it with flying colors. A bit of French chicness is almost always desirable especially when you’re trying to highlight the beauty of simple pieces by applying fun contrasts which show off the true potential of such pieces. Flirty skirts, simple dresses, leather pants, fun jackets paired with simple and versatile pieces are some of the main style suggestions worth taking into account.

Layering creatively is one of the main techniques one should master if a similar effortless chic allure is desired. Creating perfect proportions is one of the season’s main requirements trend-wise and taking a close look at the new offerings make the strategy easier to apply. From uber girly vibes to a distinguishable boyish allure, the label covers a multitude of fun ideas for each style perspective.

Since simplicity is the desirable effect, accessories are kept mostly on the functional level and practicality is the default option. Comfy and versatile boots, thin belts or roomy handbags are some of the go to alternatives that complete the looks without adding bulk or switching the focus towards a very specific focal point. Go for simple and classy alternatives that are sure to make you stand out by using some of these outfits as inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Maje