The new season is bringing into our attention stylish combos that can turn you into a style icon, so if you’re lacking ideas, check out Madewell’s Looks We Love lookbook as it unveils the hottest tips on styling the seasonal un-colors. Achromatic fashion pieces are a great investment as these hues are timeless and paired with the right cuts you’ll be able to make heads turn seasons after season.

This year, Madewell proposes un-color garments with a perfect feminine twist, so if you’re stuck on ideas when it comes to revamping your wardrobe, check out Madewell’s Looks We Love lookbook and find out the simplest tricks to obtaining a style icon worthy look. Layering seems to be one of the tricks that can help you achieve unique, sophisticated looks, so layer away and demonstrate that you’ve truly mastered the art of layering. Shirts, skirts, cool vests and statement jewelry can easily accentuate your style, so dare to mix, match and layer your favorite new season fashion items.

Embellishments, androgynous, borrowed from the boys items paired with ultra feminine elements such as lace, silk and prints that pop are definitely a must when it comes to the ultimate ultra modern look, so make sure these details don’t miss from your wardrobe. The catwalk has been dominated by opulence and heavy prints this season as the simplicity of achromatic garments is thus balanced by the glitzy-glamor and sophistication of embellishments and bold motifs.

The blazer can become your BFF when it comes to semi-formal wear, so get creative and combine style with comfort by pairing a cool masculine blazer with a flirty top, a pair of stylish pants and some classy Oxfords, and voila! A classy chic look without too much fuss.

If you’re looking to underline your femininity, make sure you choose a lace/lace insertion LBD, which is a definite must in every woman’s wardrobe this year, and give it a bit of a twist by pairing it with unexpected items such as a cool cross body bag and some chic flats.

Another advice ‘à la Madewell’ is to add a bit of color to a gray-ish ensemble as this way you’ll wipe the boring out of the outfit. Opt for soft, warm pigments that feel good, so you can project a feel-good vibe that is bound to stop traffic.

Other ways to update your look this season are playing with proportions adding a hot faux-fur vest to your wardrobe and opting for simple looks such as skinny jeans paired with a feminine tucked in shirt. Not all outfits need to ooze sophistication to look amazing, so explore your options to the max and dare to push the boundaries of style just as Madewell does with its ideas and fantastic up-to-date creations, so browse through the brand’s latest Looks We Love selection and make sure you exploit the tips that you feel will help you define your style.

Photos courtesy of Madewell