If you’re feeling the need for a style change, Madewell’s Looks We Love for spring 2013 can totally guide you towards a new path to style. Stylists usually urge fashion enthusiasts to focus on timeless pieces rather than spending hundreds on garments that come and go out of style from one season to another and these fashionable garments featured in Madewell’s Look We Love style book are the investment pieces that stylist have in mind.

Youthful, fun, chic and quality-impeccable, these garments will surely help refresh your style and help give you a trendsetter allure that will definitely not go by unnoticed, so check out the Madewell’s stylist picks and see if you can spot any outfits that reflect your style. Recreate the looks completely or add your own personal touch by mashing various items with cool accessories that have YOU written all over, but before you make a decision on what’s hot and what’s not check out all of the following Madewell spring 2013 must have fashion items:

Polka Dotted Shorts If you want to go comfy yet sexy, show off your gazelle-like legs in a pair of stylish Madewell polka dot shorts that you can easily pair with a cool top, a pair of heels, flats, platforms, you name it. Madewell’s style choice: a long cardigan layered over a stylish striped tank top, a think contrasting color belt and a pretty pair of wedges! Love it? We sure do!

The Duet Mini Wedge This is a cool mix for your urban chic honeys that want to look stylish yet be totally comfy. Although a bit masculine, the colorshift pale & achromatic colored sweater was paired with a cool pair of trousers and accessorized to perfection with a bandana and a stylish woven belt. Chic? Totally, so if you’re searching for a casual, relaxed look that is kind of sophisticated copy this look as you can’t go wrong!

Madewell Looks We Love Spring 2013 Madewell Looks We Love Spring 2013

The Tailored Blazer The blazer is a definite must have in any fashionista’s wardrobe as it can instantly add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise simplistic outfit. Pair your fave blazer with a stylish shirt over which you’ll layer a stylish sweater and go for shorts or jeans and your look will scream modern diva!

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Denim Midi Shorts As we’ve mentioned earlier shorts are a definite must have this season and fortunately there are so many variations brought by cuts, fabrics and prints, it’s crazy! Another style proposition by Madewell is represented by the midi denim shorts which you can easily pair with a fitted boyshirt and a slim belt for a more grown-up fresh look or just throw on a cool tee and you’ll still look great!

Madewell Looks We Love Spring 2013 Madewell Looks We Love Spring 2013 Madewell Looks We Love Spring 2013

The Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans Skinny jeans have been in vogue for quite a few years now, so there’s definitely a need for change. That’s why the shrunken skinny jeans are the new must haves as they look cool, they emphasize the lower part of the body all while exuding a certain fresh, holiday vibe. Make the best out of the skinny, skinny ankle jeans by pairing them with a cool sweater and accessorize lightly to create an enviable springish outfit!

The Belted Leather Bomber The bomber among other jacket styles have made a huge comeback and to make this item look so much hotted Madewell opted to use leather and fit the design with a stylish belt that adds a touch of sophistication to the look. Mix this strong-style jacket with soft and romantic items such as a shirt, a sweater and a lace mini skirt and heads will turn!

Slideshow Tee This cool, slouchy tee can be a great addition to your spring wardrobe as there are numerous ways to wear it. Pair it with shorts, pants, skinny or boyfriend jeans, even with a stylish skirt and you’ll look fabulous? Who said a simple tee can’t look amazing?!

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Photos: Madewell