It seems that Madewell is taking the transition to the new 2012 season by offering the best answers to the question: You Say You Want A Resolution? If you’re ready for a style upgrade, Madewell has put together the best Looks We Love collection to draw inspiration from. The new 212 season is bringing a variety of en-vogue looks that will refresh your wardrobe in an instant, all you need is the style guide to help you mix and match the trendiest pieces for a style icon worthy appearance.

The brand’s genius designer Lisa helped put the label’s latest Looks We Love collection together, acting as a reliable style guide to every girl who wants to make heads turn this upcoming 2012 season.

Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012

One of the hottest seasonal looks is a simple one which features a mix of boyfriend shirts and stylish skinny fit jeans. Madewell stylist Lisa advises to button up and tuck in the boyshirts as this way you’ll end-up with a super stylish clean look.

Color is definitely the buzzword in 2012 and it seems that Madewell’s style proposition for the new season comes in the form of color-pop skinny jeans that instantly liven up your look. Soft pink is Madewell’s seasonal choice as this color can be easily mixed and matched for a super sweet and romantic appearance.

Denim jackets and vests are a definite must this spring season as they can bring a little bit of a twist to any outfit. Wear them layered over boyfriend shirts and sweaters or over a simple T-shirt or a casual dress. Either way your look will surely have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that is bound to capture attention.

Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012

Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to an outfit and Madewell suggests to make sure you’ve got your favorite long necklace on standby this upcoming season. Make a sporty chic look even chicer by accessorising with a lovely long pendant necklace.

Comfort is definitely a super important detail to consider when going shopping and if you wish to emphasize comfort without losing a drop of style, make sure you carefully balance your look by pairing a slouchy top with super skinny jeans. A pair of suede ankle boots and flirty stripe socks can take your look out of the ordinary without drawing you out of your comfort zone.

Madewell’s stylist Lisa manages to underline chicness by pairing two simple elements which will make you look great and casual at the same time. The Tee dress paired with thigh high socks instead of tights looks amazing, so if you’re an adept of dresses but want to keep your look laid back, this look is definitely worth considering.

Shorts that bring something else through their look such as stripe shorts are definitely a great option according to Madewell’s Look We Love collection, so pair them with a cute Campfire cargo shirt and adopt a more unexpected look.

Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012 Madewell Looks We Love 2012

Don’t be afraid to mix and match even the most unexpected styles as you never know what you’ll be able to come up with. Madewell demonstrates that boyish styles such as the baseball shirt can be paired with a deco dot skirt and a scooter jacket for a super fabulous, unexpected look.

Make your outfit pop by adding a statement piece to the ensemble such as Natalie Wood’s dotty pants. Pair them with simple monochrome details such as an oversized utility jacket and suede ankle boots and you’ll look super stylish.

Don’t be afraid to sport a cool pair of impeccable white denim in the winter as the high contrast between the surrounding and yourself will make you look super fresh. Draw inspiration from Madewell’s look featuring the rail straight jeans in white wash paired with a shrunken boyshirt and suede boots.

Dare to tuck in your tunics in the front of your high waist pants to expose your stylish thin belt as this way you’ll be able to create a more slender figure. Adapt the Madewell style and wear your half tucked in tasseltrim top with high rise jeans, a thin belt and tall lace-up boots.

Photos courtesy of Madewell