If you’re stuck on ideas when it comes to revamping your fall season wardrobe, Madewell has the perfect solution to get your creativity going. The brand unveiled the 2012 Fall Style Surprises guide that features 10 trendy ways to perk up your autumn wardrobe.

Fashion has become a perfect method of self expression and the vast range of stylish garments that take over the fashion scene every season can definitely help define one’s style. Madewell is known for its casual chic creations that combine comfort with style and a tad of edginess to give the designs a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that cannot go by unnoticed.

Perfect for the honeys that want to be observed but without looking like they’re even trying, the new Fall Style Surprises guide demonstrates that mixing and matching trendy elements can be the recipe to an enviable look, so browse through the style proposals and find out the surest ways to infusing a little bit of playful energy into your fall season wardrobe.

The internationally renowned fashion label wants to banish boredom out of women’s wardrobe this fall as they emphasize the need to add fun accessories, playful prints and joyful pops of color into your wardrobe. Animal print loafers, totes in addition to other stylish graphic prints will add a bit of a fun allure to any monochrome outfit.

According to Madewell, a pair of bright colored jeans mixed with a cool color sweater and a fabulously mixed colored ensemble can surely turn you into a casual style icon. Stylish shirts paired with comfy midi dresses, skirts or sweaters, a timeless coat and some sporty garments such as comfy denims, plaid shirts and preppy jackets should definitely find their way to your new season wardrobe.

If you’re aiming for a look that is a bit more grown-up yet still packs a punch, make sure to add some geek chic garments and the must have LRD (little red dress) to your wardrobe. Mash-up colors to add a fresh-vibe to your look and perfect your layering skills and the fall season is the perfect season to test your skills as Madewell proves through this season’s style surprises.

Photos courtesy of Madewell