The upcoming season, fashion designers are making sure you can pick the perfect outfit to suit your personality by playing around with various styles. Madewell designers seems to have managed to reach into their bottomless bag of ideas and create a hot and trendy fashion collection for the fall 2012 season, a collection which draws inspiration from various sources, so prepare to meet ‘urban woodland’ chic, English preppy-chic as well as quirky-chic styles that have the ability to make heads turn this upcoming season.

The collection that has a very down-to-earth kind of allure, features wearable designs that suit women with various needs as different body types and personalities require different styles and Madewell seems to have made it its target to come-up with a collection that will bring various, carefully thought elements for women to enjoy. When it comes to style, versatility helps people maintain that fresh allure that always draws attention, so make sure you stand out not through the edginess of the outfit but through matching and contrasting elements that are put together with great taste.

The label’s fall 2012 collection brings an array of spectacular designs to the fashion scene, pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an array of chic, fashionista looks that feature a perfect balance between contemporary and vintage chicness. Cool patented shirts, pencil skirts, printed pants, trendy tees, flirty blouses, fab jackets and fabulous dresses are only a few of the details that will dare you to resist them this upcoming season, so browse through the designs and pick your must haves.

The collection is perfectly balanced as it features casual chic lines that are spiked-up and given a more youthful-vibe through color blocking, animal prints, stripes, polka dots, floral prints and oversized plaid details. Brights meet darks and wood tones is the color option for the collection, so choose the ones that suit your personality best as they are all fabulous.

Photos courtesy of WWD