Lucky Brand is planning to launch a “Made in USA” capsule collection this fall. The label is planning to capitalize on the shoppers’ increasing interest for items that support local production. According to chief executive officer David DeMattei, the increasing demand for such goods comes from concerns over the quality of garments and working conditions in China: “There is a lot being written about what’s going on in China in terms of the quality and the type of environment clothes are being made in. There seems to be more of a movement now for American-made goods. That’s becoming more important to consumers.”

The ads for the Lucky Brand will have the tag line “American Denim — Made for you in the U.S. of A” and will also provide a 64-page catalog that will be mailed to shoppers next week. The launch of the collection will coincide with the opening of two more stores set to welcome customers next week. The new line will support a mill that supplied denim to companies since 1891.

Lucky Brand Made In Usa Jeans Collection

The new Lucky Brand “Made in USA” capsule collection will feature several jeans styles including super stretch jeans. The label is also committed to proving that ‘made in USA’ doesn’t have to be a code name for exorbitant prices. “Everyone out there who is thinking about doing it at much higher prices,” DeMattei told WWD, but the label aims to prove that the standards can be met for the reasonable price of $129, in an effort to stay competitive and increase the customers’ interest for the new line.

The Lucky Brand “Made in USA” collection isn’t meant to be a one time deal. Instead, the label aims to increase the Made in US production to 25% of all the jeans it sells if the sales projections are successfully met. The label is producing 150,000 jeans and expects to sell half of them by the end of the year. So, is it important for you to support local production? Are you willing to pay more for goods made in US provided that they are high quality? Do you think that the price range of the new jeans is reasonable?

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Photos: WWD