The fashion extravaganza continues, this time with the Louis Vuitton Resort 2013 collection. The high end label takes inspiration from the tropics and brings a multitude of surprisingly versatile ensembles with a fun retro touch. “The idea for the collection was that it was so incredibly hot, but that the women were still well-dressed,” Julie de Libran, design director for the brand declared, referring to her source of inspiration: Catherine Deneuve in Indochine and La Sirène du Mississippi.

The result is a sweet, feminine set of ensembles which feature elegant touches without going overboard. Interest is created through all sorts of ways: textural touches, proportions, colors. Still, the emphasis on proportions is the most notable. Straying away from the norm, the designer plays with length, brings back the loose pants style, goes for bold color contrasts or opts for continuity through all white suits. The results are definitely unpredictable and the interest is maintained all throughout the collection.

While the amalgam of abstract prints that blends with completely eclectic proportions is somewhat predictable given the majority of the looks, the label goes one step further and includes sequins into daywear for an even more eclectic effect. Surprising? Definitely. But does it carry a real potential for becoming mainstream? That remains to be seen. Still, given the diversity of the style elements included in the collection, there’s a good chance we’ll spot some outfits inspired by the label.

Aside from skirt-pants hybrids, one more choice attracts attention and highlights the retro vibe channeled intelligently throughout the collection: elongated visor caps. These among platforms, sunglasses and occasionally a matching handbag are all the accessories needed to create a spectacular look in the brand’s vision. With so many different style perspectives, the next year sure announces to be extremely interesting and diverse when it comes to defining style perspectives.

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