High end fashion in unusual settings is rarely seen but the Louis Vuitton brand manages to make it work fabulously well in the new “L’Ame Du Voyage” catalogue, which features plenty of elegant alternatives which will make your trips stylish and utterly enjoyable. Straying away from the regular studio decor, the label has added context into fashion and the results are undoubtedly fabulous. If you’ve ever wondered what living like a movie star would look like, the label eagerly gives you a glimpse.

Despite the ‘hip’ and ‘fab’ allure of the catalogue, the fashion choices in themselves are fairly conservative particularly when considering the fact that most of them can be easily mixed and matched to suit a variety of occasions. Simple pieces that fit perfectly are the true must-haves for a fabulous style that never leaves you feeling inadequate. From a versatile LBD to gorgeous sequined pieces, there are typically plenty of accents and alternatives which keep the overall outfits in the well balanced range.

Though aiming for a classy look might be seen as synonym with bland pieces for some, the label dispels such belief with lightening speed through the clever use of accessories which put the fun back into refined outfits. Gorgeous scarfs, high-end sunglasses, small doses of animal prints, hats or well chosen discreet jewelry pieces can definitely prove fab alternatives for sporting a variety of classy outfits in multiple ways without becoming bored in the process.

Style basics are often good starting points for spectacular outfits that are guaranteed to turn heads at any price point and revamping the classics is easily done with a series of simple strategies. Whether you need on the go outfit ideas or simply want ways to change things up in your wardrobe, the new ideas are sure to help you stay stylish and gorgeous for months to come. Implement some of these fun ideas to perk up your new season look in a matter of seconds.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton