Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week has been enchanting the fashion realm for years and it seems that the famous brand never failed to impress its devotees providing charming, exquisite collections. Elegance, inspiration and innovation are the three words that best describe Vuitton’s creations whether we’re talking about ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, jewelry and accessories.

In 1997, Marc Jacobs was named the company’s first creative director, responsible for accessories and ready-to-wear collections. “What I have in mind are things that are deluxe but that you can also throw into a bag and escape town with, because Louis Vuitton has a heritage in travel,” Jacobs told Vogue. And throughout time, the famous designer constantly sought to surprise the Louis Vuitton customers.

Well, his spring 2011 collection definitely managed to amaze everyone with those never-seen-before goodies inspired by the China of the Red Lanterns, camp, Kansai Yamamoto, Kenzo, Walter Abini and the ’20s and ’30s, but also with a flare of vintage Léonard, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau.

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Well, for the Louis Vuitton fall 2011 collection, Marc Jacobs proved that fashion meeting fetish results into some really spectacular and seductive pieces. Ah, and let’s not forget the carousel at the brand’s spring 2012 show that showcased some deliciously cute looks. “After the hardness of Fall, we wanted something gentle and kind, fragile but strong, too,” Marc Jacobs explained.

The playful merry-go-round was replaced by an old-fashioned train car for the Louis Vuitton fall 2012 collection. There were A-line coats and skirts, Empire waist dresses, jackets, hats with fur plumes and mary-janes oozing maximum elegance and sophistication. Speaking about the Louis Vuitton spring 2013 collection, Marc Jacobs said that, “After the romance of the train and storytelling, this felt like something very powerful without telling a story. I was like, yeah, let’s have a grid.” The models walked down the catwalk two by two wearing ’60s-inspired looks.

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week will be showcased on March 6 at Paris Fashion Week. Make sure you come back for updates!

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton