London Fashion Week spring 2014 is bringing a myriad of cool ensembles with different sources of inspiration. It seems like the ’60s and ’70s fashion were a great source of inspiration for many designers, in a variety of forms. 

If some labels went for a chic summer holiday inspired alternatives, others went for elegant ensembles instead. Here are some of the coolest 60s and 70s inspired lines we’ve been able to spot so far at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Holly Fulton Collection

The Holly Fulton spring 2014 collection was inspired by the “American Denim” book, and by the “people who made their own things in the Seventies.” 

Holly Fulton Spring 2014

The designer brought interesting variations on her signature prints, which were the focal point of the new line. Geometric motifs, chic floral motifs and bold yet classy cutouts put an interesting spin on the label’s chic new creations. Key pieces from the new line included printed shirtdresses, retro-inspired coats and mid-calf flared denim skirts. View more from the Holly Fulton spring 2014 collection

London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Jonathan Saunders Collection

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2014

Jonathan Saunders also looked at the defining ’70s style accents but focused on athletic gear instead, at times with a few ’90s accents. The new line brought a multitude of chic flower-embroidered shirts, high waist skirts, satin jackets and simple yet flirty printed dresses. The intent was to bring “free-spirited, more casual outfits” that could instantly impress and the goal was certainly attained. Part of the appeal of the new line was also the interesting color palette which revolved around burgundy, ice blue, ochre, beige, orange and even pink tones. View more from the Jonathan Saunders spring 2014 collection

London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Topshop Unique Collection

Topshop Unique Spring 2014

The new Topshop Unique offerings immediately made the audience think about the perfect summer getaway with its eclectic Moroccan and Mediterranean influences and the multitude of cool geometric prints. At times, ’70s seemed the preferred decade of inspiration with several bohemian-inspired pieces. At other times, however, the ’90s seemed to be on the spotlight. Among the main ’90s inspired pieces were spaghetti-strap sundresses and low-slung jeans. Other exciting pieces from the new line were peplum tops, boxy pullovers or chic distressed jacquard shorts. View more from the Topshop Unique spring 2014 collection

London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Temperley London Collection

Temperley London Spring 2014

The Temperley London spring 2014 collection brought into the spotlight a myriad of elegant ensembles inspired by Sicily. The new line had an easily distinguishable ’60s feel as Alice Temperley used the decade’s soirees as inspiration. The line was defined by trapeze shapes, chic floral embroideries and crystal embellishments and flirty chic blossom prints. Each of the elegant new creations oozed romance and femininity. View more from the Temperley London spring 2014 collection

London Fashion Week Spring 2014: Peter Jensen Collection

Peter Jensen Spring 2014

Designer Peter Jensen was also in a retro mood when designing the spring 2014 line. He chose Diana Ross as inspiration for the new line and brought an interesting array of quirky, whimsical creations into the spotlight. He focused on both glamurous and functional pieces and brought graphic prints, chic boxy tops, sequined sweatshirts and a variety of metallic accents into the spotlight. Chic untamed ’70s style curls were the perfect choice to complement the line’s effortlessly chic allure. View more from the Peter Jensen spring 2014 collection