The London Fashion Week fall 2014 edition excelled at bringing stunning options with a variety of interesting twists for everything from garment construction to vibrant patterns. Besides these elements, an interesting blend of sporty and futuristic touches managed to steal the spotlight, especially when edginess entered the mix and shaped the design perspective. The new collections from these brands proved memorable precisely due to this unique set of factors:

LFW Fall 2014: Tom Ford Fall 2014 RTW Collection

The Tom Ford fall 2014 collection seemed an interesting continuation of the designer’s spring 2014 collection. Dark tones, sporty elements, fur and strategic shine were among the main elements that defined the new line. 

Tom Ford Fall 2014

According to the designer, the source of inspiration for the new line were American West and London, two ideas that make perfect sense if we consider the grungy vibe of the new options and interesting variations on the cowboy boots the new line brought. Influences from the ’60s were also visible in the new line, the most obvious ones being the number 61, which is Ford’s year of birth, emblazoned on two shiny dresses. See more from the Tom Ford fall 2014 collection!

LFW Fall 2014: Peter Pilotto Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Peter Pilotto Fall 2014

The Peter Pilotto fall 2014 collection brought an abundance of eclectic prints and saturated tones combined into various attention-grabbing ensembles. This time, Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos’ skillful mix of prints seems to shine even more than in their spring 2014 line as the duo decided to blur the lines between prints, embroidery and knits. In addition to chic dresses, which were a significant part of the new collection, the label brought a variety of statement coats, jackets and chic sweaters. View the full Peter Pilotto fall 2014 collection!

LFW Fall 2014: David Koma Fall 2014 RTW Collection

David Koma Fall 2014

The David Koma fall 2014 collection was inspired by Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder according to the designer, however, the creations had a strong futuristic vibe. The creative director opted for a strict and very well defined color palette which helped amp up the edgy allure of the new creations, especially since in the brand’s new line the little black dress gets a total makeover. Chic statement coats and memorable bodycon leather dresses were the choices that managed to shine in the new line. See the full David Koma fall 2014 collection!

LFW Fall 2014: Christopher Kane Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Christopher Kane Fall 2014

The Christopher Kane fall 2014 collection brought a great diversity of styles into the spotlight. If the first looks of the collection revolved around practical and cozy pieces with a sporty twist like puffer west and nylon coats, as the show progressed, we were able to spot more romantic ensembles with a variety of strong architectural touches. While it might seem like coming up with a variety of ideas for creative yet wearable pieces in different styles is the most challenging part of the process, the designer confessed that the full handbag line introduced for the first time proved the most difficult part of the process. Unlike the rest of his creations, the handbags the designer put forward seem to have been designed in a more conventional manner. See the complete Christopher Kane fall 2014 collection!

LFW Fall 2014: Giles Fall 2014 RTW Collection

Giles Fall 2014

The Giles fall 2014 collection revolved around the idea of aggressive melancholy which was reflected in a multitude of very interesting ways. The lineup included chic sculpted dresses, cool knitted tunics, fab checkered patterned outwear options and sporty, masculine inspired footwear designs. Aside from the interesting ensembles the designer put forward, Kendall Jenner’s presence on the runway was another element that made the show receive a lot of attention. Browse through the complete Giles fall 2014 collection!

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