The fall 2012 collection signed LNA clothing brings that casual Californian chicness that always makes heads turn through each and every design. This particular approach paired with a high dose of attention focused on details and the use of high quality fabrics, makes the brand a definite must for the honeys that love to overlap aesthetics with comfort. California-based label LNA managed to gather a massive amount of attention through the basic wardrobe staples that pack just the right amount of edginess, making it a choice for numerous celebrities that are known for their impeccable fashion style. The brand’s fall 2012 collection comes as a breath of fresh air in a season that is packed with opulent elements meant to attract attention through sophisticated details such as heavy applications, bold prints and innovative patterns, and it seems that simple and wearable designs that feel and look laid-back but still stylish are becoming quite rare. Apparently, the designer’s love for this type of urban-feel casual attire stood as the base of the brand and led eventually to its success, so if you’re all about comfy-chicness with a bit of an edge, the brand’s fashion creations are a perfect source of inspiration for your style.

LNA’s fall 2012 collection takes a feminine, boho-soft grunge turn to fashion and style and it seems that this approach couldn’t have been more appropriate as the new season was definitely in need of some rather simplistic designs that still had that must have boldness attached to them to make them eye catching and worthy of the modern, urban style girls of today. The attention was divided in equal manner between dresses and skinny-fit trousers paired with stylish pullovers, comfy simple tees, shirts and the seasonal must have leather jackets. Obviously, skirts and particularly midi and maxi skirts paired with chic pullovers were also included in the collection as these are definitely perfect for the honeys that want to underline their layering skills and fabulous forms. The designers chose to go minimal with prints opting for simple checkered print fabrics and monochromes to underline the simplicity of the collection. The color palette follows in the seasonal color guidelines, making it a perfect choice for the honeys that want to keep their style up-to-date. From denim shorts paired with opaque tights or boots and tight high socks to chic dresses and leggings/skinny fit trousers paired with shirts, tees or blouses, the collection features all the elements that will turn you into a true fashionista with a Californian urban vibe, so check out the complete collection and draw inspiration for your fall season style.

Photos courtesy of LNA Clothing