A variety of extremely varied and diversified choices are coming our way this fall. The LYLIA fall/winter 2012 collection is one of the most interesting and diverse lines out there. The label aims to bring the feeling of relaxation and carefree spirit into the newest collection while at the same time marking several style directions that encourage creativity with a variety of fun options worth experimenting with. You don’t have to try too hard to feel comfortable and look cute at the same time.

Stripes are always an interesting choice when looking for a simple way of creating a focal point without going overboard. Versatile and extremely fun, the pattern can be a great choice for creating a fun casual look. Femininity is still a top concern, which is why the lookbook abounds in fun styles worth experimenting with and dresses along with long skirts are a great investment piece for the rainy days. A distinguishable boho vibe can be immediately sensed if we look at the overall structure of the outfits along with the fun accents.

Having fun with eclectic prints, knits, asymmetric touches or, if you’re feeling bold and in experimentation mood, even sequins. Whether you’re into structured outfits or you prefer a little more freedom of expression and want to go for more romantic, loose styles, the possibilities of mixing and matching seem fairly generous. You can greatly increase or decrease the perceived complexity of an outfit by simply controlling the layering. Put on a fancy vest and the added visual interest along with the practical purpose manage to put a whole different spin on the look.

Subdued floral prints or checkers, leather pieces, knits, cardigans or a statement sequin dress are all fabulous ways to create interest, but the role that accessories have can be even more important. Fun necklaces, waist enhancing belts, whimsical hats along with retro inspired sunglasses or practical ankle boots are a few effective elements for creating the sense of completion that makes heads turn in admiration. None of them are extremely conspicuous, however their combined effect is truly spectacular.

Photo courtesy of ilovelilya.portableshops.com