If the cold season scares you, fear not as LF Stores has unveiled some sizzling outfits in its winter 2012 lookbook. Fashion is incredibly diverse this year, so if you love to invest in statement pieces that underline your unique personality and well developed fashion sense, you’re going to have a blast and a million of ideas flowing into your mind at the mere sight of LF Stores’ 2012 winter lookbook.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and a bit artistic and apparently LF Stores managed to put on full display these two characteristics with the creations proposed for fashionistas this winter season. Nothing can turn you into a trendsetter more than the perfection outfit, so if you’re a bit daring when it comes to style, the fabulous juxtaposition of femininity and rock-chic elements unveiled by the brand will definitely get you to say SOLD!

The key looks that will turn you into a style inspiration for others are the knitted sweater, the glam embellished designs, the leather biker jacket, the peplum top, the skinny jeans and the sexy skirt. These fashionable garments will help you handle style like a true pro especially if you’ve mastered the layering technique. These items will help you turn yourself into whichever woman you want to be, from the casual diva to the rock-chic hottie, so make sure you play with these essentials to reveal your true self.

Forget about old rules and make your own as you don’t have to be a trend follower to look hot. Turn yourself into a trend setter instead and revamp your style by mixing the old with the new, juggling with ultra feminine pieces and bold, edgy designs. Glam accents are super hot this year, so don’t neglect the importance of the glam factor and include embellished and metallic fashion items into your wardrobe. LF Stores knows that accessories can help polish a look to perfection, so no wonder the label paired its fabulous biker chic garments, rock chick garments, casual and sexy outfits with wedge sneakers and cool Jeffrey Campbell Dina Jewel ankle booties, so take your cue from LF Stores and pair your fab new trendy outfits with cool JC shoes.

Photos courtesy of LF Stores