Casual outfits are the perfect area to focus on when experimenting with daring styles. Channeling a touch of rebellion for a gorgeous youthful allure, the latest spring 2012 LF Stores collection brings a bit of edginess to the fashion scene, reminding us that bending the rules can prove extremely beneficial at times. Featuring model  Hailey Clauson, the latest lookbook shot by Daniel Kincaid allows us to explore the edginess a few well selected pieces along with a creative approach can easily offer.

Denim is a crucial staple when trying to create a fun, casual look and the brand makes no exception from this well known principle offering a fairly varied range of styles and pieces that add a defining touch to the outfits. Colorful shorts, edgy vests or faded denim jackets prove the perfect staples for creating a fun summer look that is sure to get you noticed instantly with very little effort. Paired with loose statement tees and fun platform sandals, the beloved fabric seems like the most natural option.

Cropped tops, unexpected cutouts and fun messages are the way to go if bold and eye-catching are the attributes you’re going for. Still, if highlighting femininity in a casual manner is one of your concerns, the brand provides a few classy options like pleated skirts, lace dresses in pristine white tones as alternatives. But, although selecting the right pieces is the main concern, picking the perfect accessories is the step that ultimately brings that sense of completion.

Carefully layered bracelets, edgy belts, statement rings, retro sunglasses or fun hats are some of the pieces that grab attention instantly and that create that special sense of boldness one cannot help but notice and remember. In the area of footwear, on the other hand, the options are divided between statement pieces like thick heeled platforms or wedge sneakers and flats which are aimed to bring the ultimate sense of comfort and become a useful addition rather than a strong focal point.

Photo courtesy of LF Stores