The new season is bringing into our attention an array of spectacular fashion pieces that capture attention in an instant due to their daring cuts as well as color patterns. Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting to constantly reinvent yourself so you can look fresh and fabulous with every appearance and LF Stores’s Rockin’ Everywhere spring 2012 lookbook demonstrates perfectly what contemporary fashion should be if you love to adopt fashion styles that have an impact.

LF Stores put together a fab lookbook for the spring 2012 season in which fun and color take over the season, so step into the mesmerizing world of LF and dare to resist the magic the brand’s unique and trendy fashion ensembles radiate. Variety is the buzzword when it comes to the LF Stores spring 2012 collection, so be prepared to come face-to-face with some cutting edge looks that will surely make traffic stop. Dare to experiment with fashion to develop a unique fashion sense that make you feel like a true star, as fashion is fun and provides you with all the elements you need to put your creativity to the test.

If you’re not all about boring pieces that follow the same patterns, the fab pieces featured in LF Stores Rockin’ Everywhere lookbook will help you define your look, as it unearths an array of cool and trendy statement fashion pieces which seem to follow a perfect guideline to achieve a well balanced casual look that can’t be labelled as plain or boring. Gorgeous hot pants, high waist vintage shorts, flirty playsuits, retro chic vests and jackets as well as stylish shirts, cropped tops and tees dominate the fashion scene at LF.

A highly powerful youthful allure is exuded by each and every fashion piece not only through the cuts which in most cases take a vintage approach to fashion, but through the color option as well which is all about bright hues that instantly install good mood. When it comes to prints, the possibilities are endless and nothing is too much, so dare to play-up with flirty floral motifs as well as graphic prints and patriotic flag patterns. If you wish to achieve a more hippy-chic look, you can play up with neon hues as well as tie-dye and ombre effects. Pretty pastels and neons are a definite must have of the season, so dare to explore the wonderful world of color paired with innovative, edgy cuts such as the ones features in LF Stores spring 2012 lookbook and you’ll surely manage to steal the spotlight every day.

Photos courtesy of LF Stores