The LF Stores Festival lookbook rounds up some thought provoking alternatives worth considering. The LA based label has always brought a multitude of edgy youthful alternatives, however the new lookbook is an incredible blend of alternatives which are perfectly suited for festival season but which can also be a part of the hot season looks well beyond the festival season. With bold accents, a myriad of interesting prints, plenty of textural touches to steal the spotlight, the new outfits from the label could never be describes as plain, despite their apparent simplicity.

When it comes to festival fashion, getting the perfect recipe for a stunning look can incredibly difficult, since individuality is the most cherished quality, however, the new LF Stores Festival 2013 lookbook comes pretty close when it comes to deconstructing the anatomy of the perfect festival outfit. Fab tribal prints and even tie dye accents, feminine pieces, distressed denim, colorful accessories are among suggestions for the new season which can enable you to steal the spotlight this season. Bohemian chic accents are the main focus as always.

LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook

For those who love cropped tops and bold cut-ous, the new LF Stores 2013 lookbook brings plenty of cute options which can put a completely new spin on things. If a tee and shorts or a simple lightweight dress seem like a plain outfit, adding something as simple as a vest can instantly change things up. Simple solutions work best, especially when creating the impression of effortless chicness is the desired effect.

The latest LF Stores lookbook brings a variety of fabulous alternatives accessories-wise as well. Uber colorful bracelets, statement necklaces and cute sunnies, fab vests, vibrantly toned sandals or comfy and edgy boots enhance the wow factor of the newest LF Stores pieces for the hot months. Use these brilliant ideas to add a fun flair to you hot season outfits and to ensure you don’t blend in with the crowd.

LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook LF Stores Festival 2013 Lookbook

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