Achieve a super stylish look with LF Store's Dream Worthy Dresses, a collection that focuses on bringing the hottest dresses for true fashionistas to enjoy, dresses that combine the perfect dose of edginess and girly chicness. Check out the new collection, next!

Underline your style by choosing to experiment with the hottest dresses of the season put together by LF Stores. The new season has placed a heavy accent on pretty dress designs that attract attention through their innovative cuts, flirty fabulous colors as well as with their edginess, and the treasures unveiled by LF Stores demonstrate the high seductive power of dream worthy dresses. This upcoming season is all about the perfect casual dress, so browse through the new collection and pick the dress that you think will make you feel like a true diva.

The line is created for girls that dare to be different, women who know how to underline their uniqueness and still maintain that feminine sensuality that makes heads turn. The dresses unveiled by the brand are a perfect match for those who wish to adopt an edgier style, one that will make heads turn, but which still feature that softness that exudes casual elegance.

The designs seem to follow the same path to perfection, brought through innovative, abstract cut-outs, sexy hardware applications, pretty colors and a sexy short length. A vintage vibe surrounds the entire dream worthy dresses collection, however the designs display sexy, modern touches such as revealing cuts and applications. Although white is the color that predominates, vivacious hues such as red and pink give a more youthful, fun-loving allure to the collection, so dare to experiment with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind garments that will make you feel like a true style icon. Dare to experiment and become a trend setter that will inspire others to express themselves through fashion!

Photos courtesy of LF Stores