More and more corporations are starting to think about the sustainability and Levi’s has managed to cause quite a lot of excitement among fashionistas with concern for the enviromental impact of their choices when Levi’s® Water< Less TM was first launched and the label declared it managed to reduce its water use up to 96% in some cases. However, the brand isn’t resting on its laurels as it has tackled another ambitious goal with a new collection known as Levi’s® Waste < Less TM.

The company will be incorporating at least 20% post consumer recycled material in every design which carries the trademark. The post recycled content consists of brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottles and black food trays. It is estimated that on average, eight 12 to 20-ounce bottles are used per jean. The company proudly declared its intent to encourage recycling: “From the beginning, we have designed our products with purpose and intent. By adding value to waste, we hope to change the way people think about recycling, ultimately incentivizing them to do more of it. This collection proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, comfort or style to give an end a new beginning,” James Curleigh, Levi’s global president declared.

He also proceeded to explain that the efforts of improvement in the area will continue: “With this collection, we’re doing our own small part by taking waste and making something new from it. We don’t just want to reduce our impact on the environment, we want to leave it better than we found it. We are committed to making products in ways that are good for people and better for our planet.”

How exactly do old bottles and trays become new jeans? Well, in a nutshell, after they are selected, these get crushed into flakes and and made into a polyester fiber which is then blended with cotton. Over 3.5 million recycled bottles are said to be used for the spring 2013 collection. The styles conscious consumers will be able to choose from are: for men Levi’s® 511TM Skinny jeans, a new modern-looking Levi’s® 504 Straight Fit jean, and the iconic Levi’s® Trucker jacket, while women will be able to purchase Levi’s® Boyfriend Skinny jeans in a progressive fit.

The new products from the Levi’s® Waste < Less are scheduled to hit Levi’s stores globally and starting with January 2013.

Photos: Thinkstock