We’ve had our childhood marked by the superhero craze and it seems that things are not changing in adulthood either as the upcoming ‘ The Dark Knight Rises’ superhero movie has caused quite a stir reaching out from the movie scene and landing straight into fashion. Batman’s style and logo are coming back in full force, influencing the fashion scene as UK based label Lazy Oaf has just unveiled its latest collection for the summer of 2012 titled obviously: Lazy Oaf x Batman.

Designers have always placed a heavy accent on individuality and it seems that this requirement has never been made more visible than now. Lazy Oaf x Batman chose to underline style and uniqueness by overlapping vintage designs with contemporary sexiness and by pushing this combo towards a mysterious edginess through the bat silhouette prints, Batman’s trademark.

We admit that we were a little bit suspicious when we heard about the collection, but the minute we saw the brand’s creations we were hooked. The fab display of vintage leather jackets, oversized shirts paired with over the knee socks, high waist vintage shorts paired with stylish cropped tops and the oh-so-wonderful retro leggings were more than enough for us to be swept off our feet and be convinced that they’re going to be super successful among true fashionistas who don’t fear to put their impeccable, one-of-a-kind style on display for everyone to admire, even with the risk of shocking the world. Fashion is an art and those who manage to master it are showered with compliments and it seems that Lazy Oaf x Batman is one of those collections that aims to turn you into a true fashionista without putting all the pressure on you. The garments can be mixed and matched without too much effort and the high quality fabrics, unique prints and style will make you a magnet for attention.

The unique, fun and fantastic style that dominates the collection makes it irresistible for the ladies that are not trend followers yet trend setters, and yes ladies, you want to fall into the second category if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Mixing and matching these high-impact street-wear garments that either mimic a bat-like silhouette or a cool batman-logo print can help you step out of your ‘clean’ wardrobe and help you get a little bit more ‘dirty’. Fashion is supposed to be fun and these garments capture the essence of fashion perfectly without neglecting the need for quality designs, so revamp your summer wardrobe by having a nosey in the brand’s newest designs and picking up your favorite Lazy Oaf x Batman fashion items.

Photos courtesy of lazyoaf.co.uk