Get ready to make heads turn by mixing and matching your favorite Lazy Oaf fall/winter 2012 garments as the wide range of edgy Gothic to fun cartoon inspired designs will dare you to resist it!

London based fashion label Lazy Oaf has done it again this fall/winter 2012 season as the brand's lookbook puts on display an array of uber-stylish garments that pack a high dose of energy. Designed to draw smiles through innovation and uniqueness rather than through trendy patterns, the Lazy Oaf fall/winter 2012 collection proves to be a perfect option for the honeys that wish to underline their quirky-cute personality and style.

The label has gone a long way since its debut 11 years ago as from a garage-based men's T-shirt brand, Lazy Oaf progressed to becoming a complete product range label known on an international level. This performance demonstrates the drive and the enthusiasm that stands behind each and every fashion design signed Lazy Oaf, so no wonder that a high dose of enthusiasm surrounds the launch of each and every collection.

This fall/winter 2012 season stylish knits, pretty dresses, fun and flirty skirts, super popular dress-shirts, quirky shirts and fun hats dominated the fashion scene at Lazy Oaf. The designs aim to overlap comfort with style, bringing a sense of youth nostalgia through each and every fashionable piece, thus making the creations irresistible for the divas that want to make a statement while maintaining a certain dose of quirkiness.

The brand is known for its colorful, cartoon printed garments, so obviously these trademark elements couldn't have missed from this season's collection. However, the element of surprise was brought by Gothic inspired elements that were given a bit of a twist to suit the Lazy Oaf trademark style. Fierce black garments featuring skull prints and skeleton motifs can give you a 'tough cookie' allure. The fierceness of the prints is balanced through the flirty, simplistic patterns, so all of you sweethearts can look feminine, youthful and confident without too much effort.
The collection will test your resistance to fall in love with the designs, so be aware of this before you browse through the fabulous designs signed Lazy Oaf for autumn/winter 2012!

Photos courtesy of Lazy Oaf