Femininity is the biggest style direction adopted by retailers in the new season and as a result there a lot of exciting alternatives worth exploring a little closer. The Lauren Moffat brand has made femininity the top priority when designing the new season collection and as a result there is are grand variety of styles to draw inspiration from. Simplicity with a minimalist touch is the main impression that one gets at a simple inspection of the looks put together.

Gorgeous dresses with a slim fit are a fabulous choice for a versatile option for more than one type of occasion. Those love a little romantic touch will definitely appreciate lace details along with soft pleats as a distinctive touch. Rounded necklines are classy and fairly flattering for all types of silhouettes and as a result don’t require adaptations as far as comfort zone is concerned. Seductive, flirty yet innocent is the vibe that manages to get translated with the help of the fabulous pieces.

Stripes, textural flowers and geometric patterns give a spectacular trendy vibe to the looks presented while still maintaining a fairly classic touch that is alluring and surprisingly versatile. Though bold tones are occasionally included in the collection, the preference for pretty pastels and pristine whites is more than obvious. Still, the combos are far from being plain thanks to the purposeful color punches included in some of the designs. Whether we are talking fun cropped tops or funky skirts, the choices palette is well established.

Must haves for the new season besides flirty dresses? Think ladylike skirts, funky striped pieces, classic blazers, silhouette enhancing belts or fun summery hats. Go for comfort and style with gorgeous ankle boots or fun neutral toned platforms. Add a touch of romance without turning to overly conspicuous details with some of the fabulous pieces included in the extensive spring 2012 Lauren Moffat line and get ready to dazzle.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Moffat