Looking into the past can often uncover amazing gems of wisdom and the fashion industry is well known putting this principle in practice with a new spin of creativity every year. L.A based brand Laugh Cry Repeat skillfully puts this widely acknowledged principle to work in the newest lookbook which brings a strong sailing influence to feast our eyes on.

According to designer Lindsay Cummins, the newest collection is designed with the modern girl in mind who finds fab ways to highlight her refinement without going over the top: “The Laugh Cry Repeat girl finds the perfect balance between playfulness and sophistication, so we wanted to reflect that by placing her in this nautical playground. She sails into the Marina Del Rey harbor, and then gallivants around town in a vintage Mercedes, enjoying the sun, and finding glamour in her simple day.”

Looking fab without trying too hard is the key to style success in the new season and the label brings simple combos which can be done without over-thinking and tackles the retro-glam allure with the help of accessories and through beauty choices. Flirty short skirts, abstract prints or the ultra versatile striped blouse come off as the best new season investments since they immediately provide interest and can be combined in countless ways for a spectacular effect.

Subtlety is one of the most important attributes of the latest lookbook and the incredible versatility is somewhat of a natural side effect. Still, the brand offers a fabulous option for those who would like to tackle the color blocking trend without fearing faux pas and the blue heart tee paired with the soft green shorts proves the perfect compromise for being trendy without necessarily being in the spotlight. As far as accessories are concerned, comfort and functionality dominate and perfect the fab casual chic options presented.

Photo courtesy of Laugh Cry Repeat