A trip to the dark side has rarely been so inviting. Lanvin seems to join the array of brands which stray away from strong pops of color for the most part in favor of neutral tones and the beautiful classy black and white combos. Alber Elbaz’s mission for the spring 2013 collection is helping women feel like stars. For this purpose, playing with proportions, adding glamorous touches and highlighting sexiness are all necessary and the label sure does it fabulously.

Precision is a highly valued quality that is beautifully reflected through a myriad of gorgeous dresses with a highly geometric allure. High shoulders return for the designer not in the puffy form but through a more edgy, futuristic allure. Femininity is not characterized by subtlety but rather boldness and an undeniable sophisticated vibe. Sequins, metallic elements are liberally used to make a strong statement from the start. Body conscious styles are undoubtedly amomng the sexiest alternatives out there, which is why such pieces are so abundant.

Well defined proportions might seem a bit masculine yet the designer often soften things up through beautiful bow details of luxurious satin fabrics. Accessorizing adds a plus of glamour as the designer puts his famous statement necklaces and gorgeous bracelets to good use. Still, despite the high emphasis on classy color combos which stay well on the neutral side, the label doesn’t forgo color all together. In fact, color blocking is also encouraged.

Simplicity with a sophisticated touch can definitely prove a viable option for modern women looking for a statement and the designer definitely managed to prove that. Despite his long term relationship with the brand, he still has plenty of tricks in his sleeve to keep the spark alive and strong. The covetability factor of the newest designs? Undoubtedly high.

Photo courtesy of style.com