WAR. A word with such a multitude of negative connotations that it can be hard to think of any positive attributes of it. However, the courageous spring/summer Ksubi collection for 2012 almost has us convinced that war can have a beautiful side. Well, at least a few style concepts inspired by it in many ways. With a sporty vibe and a subtle focus on the trendy prints, the brand carries through an interesting journey of style, attitude and comfort.

Acid washed denim is making a fairly strong comeback in the collection and the retro vibe is more of a style enhancer than a risky choice. The rebel touch of some of the outfits is fabulously contrasted by the bold yet elegant vibe of animal prints and military green shades and pieces. Layering, a blend of eye-popping elements and basic pieces combined in slightly different and seemingly new ways are just a few of the methods in which the brand manages to impress and add an exciting new perspective in the area of fashion trends.

Fitted blazers, dresses, trendy jackets and leopard printed pumps might seem like the best pieces for a bold yet polished outfit, yet these same pieces can have a beautiful sporty allure if combined properly. The genius of the lookbook relies in making a subtle very intentional transition. Dressing up or dressing down no longer seem abstract concepts in the latest Ksubi collection. Leather touches are another fabulous element that has not been widely reflected in the main stream trends but that adds a great edgy touch to the looks presented.

Accessories are important highlights of the collection even though it might be tempting to think otherwise at a superficial look. Denim vests, animal printed accessories, baseball caps or belts are the main choices that the lookbook offers and the combos couldn’t be more interesting. Leave fancy, uber colorful combos aside in favor of simpler yet edgier combos for a quick style makeover that might provide you interesting style insights for the future. Add an unexpected element to receive compliments on your style choices.

Photo courtesy of Ksubi

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