The spring 2013 season has been packing excitement as designers seem to have exploited their options to the max as the numerous designs that range from simple to extravagant took over the runways. One of the brands that surprised with its spring 2013 collection is Kenzo, as the brand’s revival plan seems to have worked. The fusion of jungle theme elements that were characteristic to Kenzo and classic chic lines that scream modernism, attracted a generous amount of attention from the public, making the collection a success and a true delight to watch.

From start to finish, the collection managed to keep a high energy level as the garments that looked quite different that what we’ve been used to seeing at Kenzo had that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that kept all the attention focused. The chic garments seem to be the perfect example of a well balanced casual chic attire, perfect for the modern day urban girls that love to make an impact with their style without shocking or looking eccentric.

The brand’s spring 2013 fashion collection had a very clear theme attached, one that is almost a trademark for Kenzo, as jungle elements were highly visible throughout the collection, from the fabric and shades to the prints and the patterns used to put together the fabulous collection. Apparently, to draw inspiration for the collection, Kenzo’s creative directors chose to visit the real jungle in Thailand, and it seems that the visit was not without success as the exotic nature of the area impacted the designers and sparked numerous ideas which they flawlessly transposed into the newest collection signed Kenzo.

The jungle theme designs that ranged from hybrid safari jackets to cool, off the shoulders maxi dresses, cool and cozy pullovers, stylish pants- bustier tops and chic safari shorts paired with innovative thigh-high boots were given a certain Parisian twist to make the lines more feminine. Although the fashion scene this spring was focused more on clean cuts and monochromes, Kenzo is breaking the rules as the brand’s spring collection brought to the fashion scene some stylish colorful oversized leopard prints that looked fierce. Pretty nature patterns and stylish autumnal pigments that include the must have jungle khaki, white-gray tones, orange and teal tones also aided with the fun and playful style of the collection, so check it out and tell us if you’re feeling Kenzo’s new style proposition!

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