Fighting fashion boredom can be through when you are fond of classy, urban chic utilitarian vibes, yet exploring new possibilities is extremely easy thanks to the multitude of talented designers that are constantly working towards expanding our style horizon. Focusing both on the trendy aspects customers look for and on some practical aspects as far as colors are concerned, the Kenneth Cole brand manages to create a comprehensive list of lust-worthy attire choices.

Bold tones are a sure way to make a statement without relying on complex style rules in order to stand out. An iconic piece that attracts all the attention, creative layering and a natural makeup style can be the best ingredients when you are trying to look refined yet don’t want to blend with the crowd in order to do so.

With so much femininity emphasis for the season, the wide array of dresses, skirts and florals can be fairly overwhelming. Fortunately, the brand doesn’t neglect femininity but rather chooses to embrace it in a much more subtle manner as it combines different aspects that aren’t found in a single style perspective.

Looking to renew your wardrobe and can’t decide what to invest in? Mod classy mid length dresses, contrasting suits, shorts and rolled up trousers, outfit enhancing jackets and, if prints are among your favorite style elements, abstract touches are a few fabulous options to consider. Accessories are kept simple and practical in terms of structure yet they have a crucial importance in making the outfits stand out.

Roomy handbags, platform sandals, waist enhancing belts or long necklaces are some of the most alluring suggestions provided. Search for fabulous pieces that will allow you to look stylish, classy and fashionable for more than one season and use proportion, layering and color adequately and you’ll never run out of fabulous, classy attire options to show off your best features.

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Cole