Kardashian siblings, Kendall and Kylie Jenner model the trendy prom and pageant dress collection from Sherri Hill for spring 2013. Check out the fabulous lookbook, next!

It seems the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie are following on the steps of their older Kardashian sisters, hence the two have scored a modeling gig with Sherri Hill. The two teenage hotties rock the designer's spring 2013 prom dress collection which seems to be rich in chiffon, lace and scintillating embellishments.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner seem to be well in their comfort zone wearing the lavishing Sherri Hill gowns as the two are caught on camera smiling, flirting and enjoying themselves while oozing glamor unlimited. Sherri Hill proved on numerous occasions that when it comes to elaborate event dresses her ideas go beyond everyone's expectations.
For the spring 2013 season, Sherri Hill chose to play with both rich, vibrant colors as well as neutral shades, thus offering fashion enthusiasts a chance to adapt the dress to their personality.

As far as designs go, Sherri Hill pushed the boundaries and opted to play with various lengths, shapes and details that emphasize movement and that underline the principles of the brand. The variety of styles put on display in the collection enable women to turn themselves into the woman they want to be, so go ingénue with simple cuts and neural tones, go seductress with fierce red tones as this is the color of the season, go flirty and youthful with gorgeous cuts paired with rich & vibrant pigments that range from turquoise to hot pink or go classy and timeless with a glamor gown that displays smart and sophisticated cuts and details.

Now, if you're all about oozing sexiness, you should definitely focus on a short contemporary dress capable of emphasizing your gazelle like legs and sculpted-like waist. Long proportions display clever reworkings of all-time classic, though asymmetric cuts, slits and sexy lace/mesh insertions can also be a perfect solution for a heart-stopping look.

The honeys that love princess-like gowns that ooze style and that look seriously creative can opt for siren-inspired dresses or puffy gowns that show off endless glamor elements such as rhinestones, multi-tonal crystals, pleats, ruffles or sculpted 3D oversized roses.
For the spring 2013 season, Sherri Hill pushes towards a shift from simplicity to excess, so feel free to dare a bit more as far as special event attire goes, opting for dresses with a little more va-va-voom as the right dress will surely make you become the star at any event!

Photos courtesy of Sherri Hill