Luxurious, uber classy and completely sophisticated, the latest KaufmanFranco lookbook for fall 2011 will take you into the world of clever combos, elegance with a modern touch and complete glamor. Browse through the fabulous selection of styles presented and pick the best pieces.

In the era of crazy, ultra colorful prints and bright colors popping everywhere, a return to the more toned-down outfits and more versatile color palette seems unexpected yet completely desirable. The uber fashionable brand KaufmanFranco is certainly going in a different direction compared to what other luxury fashion houses have chosen for the fall season and aims to prove that well constructed outfits can certainly compete with their more eccentric counterparts.

With no less than 76 looks, lack of diversity or creative resourcefulness is definitely not an issue and the endless versatility of classy pieces is more than obvious. Sticking with highly versatile shades such as light grey, brown tones, black or camel, the brand chooses asymmetry and texture in order to create ultra flattering looks modern women can easily relate to.

If we are to think about the collection in terms of fashion trends, we immediately notice the recurring motifs: knitwear, leather and shearling details. These style influences are rather subtle, but this doesn't mean the outfits are any less spectacular. Classy cardigans, one shoulder sweaters, carrot pants or flared pants are some of the pieces that can be easily combined for a spectacular effect as shown throughout this comprehensive lookbook.

Creating the perfect silhouette should be one of the top concerns of every woman and the brand manages to tackle this issue using thin belts extensively to provide structure and an instant point of interest to casual outfits. Although relatively simple, this detail makes a world of difference when it comes to making the outfits memorable and stylish. If when it comes to sweaters and the like, loose fitting pieces are sometimes used in order to create a greater contrast, the jackets from the latest collection are mostly form fitting in order to provide a sharp look.

With the casual chic part of the collection covered, it's time to direct our attention towards more elegant pieces. From classy above the knee dresses to long sleeved, floor length dresses, every single one of the creations presented has the power to transform one's look in a matter of seconds. Asymmetry and volume, classy yet extremely seductive sequins or demure form fitting dresses are the choices provided by the high end brand.

Backless gowns and one shoulder evening dresses can definitely be an alluring option for confident women who are not afraid to show off their features, however, the brand offers several options for the style comfort zones. The classy ensembles presented are ultra flattering and stylish and can definitely appeal to women from almost all age groups. Step into the new season sporting fabulous, versatile and elegant ensembles, taking inspiration from the looks presented.

Photo courtesy of KaumanFranco