The already well established relationship between the Liu Jo denim label and renowned supermodel Kate Moss continues this time with a brand new campaign which takes cues from past eras in terms of artistic perspective. The subtle retro flair and the fairly modern artistic perspective create an interesting contrast which makes things all the more interesting. Casual chic outfits with a polished allure is the style direction endorsed by the label.

Keeping proportions adequate is one of the first steps in creating a fabulous outfits and the campaign abounds in fabulous examples of how little variations can have a tremendous effect and change the tone entirely. As far as denim is concerned, the focus is placed on making flattering alternatives that withstand the test of time rather than on hot now, passe a few months later ones. A variety of on trend pieces compensate and manage to deliver that covetable allure we’ve grown used to.

More toned down than the previous fall campaign when Kate brought sexy back to the photos but certainly not less interesting, the photos gave us valuable clues as to what the most likely mainstream trends will be. Knitwear, occassional tweed accents along with faux fur are once again in the spotlight. Fashionistas with an eye for polished looks with a noticeable sexy vibe will definitely find the newest campaign a fun source of inspiration.

A confident vibe stands out in each photo taken by renowned photograph Mario Sorrenti. This attitude is a key component when it comes to delivering the impression of flawlessness which makes us all dream about getting these fabulous pieces as soon as possible. You don’t need to look for an excuse for buying yet another pair of jeans. The images are all the motivation you need for justifying yet another fab purchase.

Photo courtesy of Liu Jo