Getting inspiration from our favorite stars has become one of the most popular and profitable ways in which celebrities maintain or increase their popularity over the years. Kat Von D is without a doubt one of the celebrities that has become well known for her creativity and original style and has done her best to share some of her artistic creations with her fans.

After a couple of successful past fashion collections, the talented star has released a brand new collection called ‘Love Letters’. Apparently, the inspiration comes from the surreal motifs: “Vividly inspired by the forest, folklore, and werewolves, the color palette is beyond romantic, and can all be found in an enchanted Scandinavian forest. Kat has played with a diverse spectrum of textures in the fabrics, and subtle details to everything: from the buttons and hardware to her interpretation of a toile de jouy pattern used for the lining of many of the pieces.”

In creating the collection, Kat just can’t deny her artistic heritage that ultimately takes several different forms: “The purpose of me creating this clothing line is simply to practice and share what Mom taught me: Express yourself through your art – whether it’s your drawings in a sketchpad, tattoos on your skin, the shade of your lipstick, or the clothes that you wear.“

Gorgeous above the knee dresses and skirts, shapely jackets and several interesting legging styles make up the most of the star’s latest fashion line. Ponchos, well emphasized shoulders and geometric necklines are other interesting style elements that make the line stand out. The preference for dark tones, mainly black is another element that gives versatility to the pieces presented. Gold and metallic tones are a fabulous choice when trying to create a classy look effortlessly, so it’s no wonder some of the looks include this style element for a more eye-catching effect.

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