Mango keeps unraveling lust-worthy ensembles for the coldest days of the year. If Karlie Kloss gave us a glimpse of the new offerings in the Mango winter 2012 catalog, Karmen Pedaru continues the mission of showing us cozy and chic alternatives for the days to come. For the next season, the retailer shows a strong preference for black and white ensembles as they are the epitome of elegance and versatility. Still, when it comes to casual wear, things get a lot more interesting and trend-oriented and the chromatic palette also changes.

Casual wear is perfect for experimenting with the new season trends and the winter days are all about cozy and comfy, so stocking up on fun knits, cardigans to keep you warm and create a more complex look along with interesting accessories is certainly a must. Eclectic prints with geometric vibes or the timeless animal prints which persist as favorites among retailers and designers alike are some of the alternatives the label suggests for creating a gorgeous look.

Once the casual wear needs are covered, focusing our attention on versatile pieces will work in a myriad of circumstances where laid back and comfy won’t be an acceptable alternative. Fab fitted blazers, one or more fabulous black skirts or a versatile black dress are all options worth considering. Going the classy route and opting for timeless elegance will definitely prove a wise decision for seasons to come as you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to mixing and matching.

To add interest without compromising versatility, stripes, polka dots or houndstooth prints are all fabulous choices to indulge in. Accessories are perfect for giving a polished finishing touch and leather gloves, fun hats and scarfs or fabulous silhouette enhancing belts along with sexy shoe styles are great options for completing your new season looks. This season, fabulous meets comfy and staying gorgeous is easy with clever ideas like the ones in the new Mango collection.

Photo courtesy of Mango