It seems that Karl Lagerfeld’s spring 2013 collection reflects perfectly his personal style as the designs put on display reveal his characteristic structured yet strict garments such as the white shirt paired with black pants and leather gloves. As part of a women’s collection, the designs received a feminine infusion both through the patterns chosen as well as through the accessories to polish up the designs.

Karl Lagerfeld’s unique sense of fashion has turned him into a fashion guru and it seems that the esteemed Chanel designer hasn’t lost his touch as his designs ooze uniqueness. Karl’s vision of the modern, chic woman seems to be clear as the designer is trying to push his ideas into the spotlight by juxtaposing futuristic, well structured pieces with a sexy kink to them.

The collection probably features all the designs that Karl Lagerfeld would wear if he were to be a woman, so the fashionistas that admire his personal, fierce and classic style will probably have a blast browsing through all the 27 fashionable outfits the collection unveiled. Apart from the black pants-white shirt-belt-leather gloves, the collection put on display some chic sporty to glam dresses displayed in high-tech to high-luxury fabrics such as cotton and silk, thus ensuring women the chance to look fab from the sidewalk to the red carpet. Pencil skirts, leather jackets and vests, oversized coats and high waist trousers seemed to offer a certain business-chic allure that looks hot.

While the collection was predominantly achromatic, a few designs were brought to life through the use of pretty pastel pink and blue. Chic and elegant, edgy but with a vintage classic allure, Karl Lagerfeld’s spring 2013 collection is a true delight to observe, so browse through the complete collection and see if you have a bit of Karl in you!

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