Every true fashionista dreams of owning a Karl Lagerfeld signature piece, be it Chanel, Fendi or Karl Lagerfeld, but because of the price tag that comes along with these super stylish designs, not everyone can manage to fulfill their dream. Because of this, Karl Lagerfeld decided to launch a more affordable line that features modern, Karl signature details at a more reasonable price, through the launch of his KARL collection.

Fashion and style doesn’t have to come with big numbers now, as the KARL collection features an array of amazing outfits and accessories that feature prices ranging from $25 for a canvas shopper bag to $945 for a cool leather biker jacket. Featuring an array of amazing designs that can be mixed and matched to create various looks that make heads turn, the collection is definitely not to overlook if you’re a true fashion addict. Mr. Lagerfeld stated that “a white shirt, jeans and a jacket are three basic things that everyone needs”, and this collection demonstrates this statement as the designer has mixed and matched various designs of the mentioned items and the results were simply stunning.

In addition to the Karl Lagerfeld prints, the collection also features the designer’s signature collars and fingerless leather gloves. Also featured in the collection are an array of stylish blazers, pants and sequined leggings. Skirts and dresses are also present in this collection as they are a definite must for women, especially if they can be worn on and off duty, by accessorizing them accordingly. Sporty elements are introduced through sweatshirts, metallic T-shirt dresses as well as silver jeans and sneakers.

The pieces have been designed to allow women to mix and match various items to create their own unique statement ensembles, looks that either way they’re mixed maintain a high dose of Karl Lagerfeld magic. Because Karl’s signature look is all about black and white, the KARL collection is predominantly based on these two timeless chic hues that suit everyone. However, to give a more fresh look, silver and soft pink elements are introduced to give a certain’ je ne sais qoui’ that catches the eye. If you’re ready to transform yourself into a true fashionista and a style icon, turn your attention towards the new amazing KARL by Karl Lagerfeld collection and mix your favourite pieces for an unforgettable look.

Photos courtesy of Net-A-Porter, WWD