Exquisite wedding dresses are on every woman’s wishlist whether we are talking about brides to be or simply women trying to figure out what elements are necessary for perfection. The Karen Willis Holmes 2013 bridal campaign sure aims to break down the code of wedding dress perfection with a variety of wow-worthy alternatives that pack all the elements needed for walking down the aisle looking the very best you can look and completely astonishing your soulmate.

The beauty of the new dresses is that they don’t focus on an overly sexy allure but pack enough seductive punches to ensure the looks are spectacular and ultra classy simultaneously. The angelic allure is definitely a strong component of the newest collection. A myriad of intricate lace elements, gorgeous cuts that put the spotlight where it is most desired, elegantly picked sheer details and an incredible skill in order to pick the very best alternatives for individual preferences are some of the best assets brought by the Australian label.

The drama required for the occasion is perfectly balanced with many of the practical requirements that ensure that shining all night long is an effortless task. Though some of the floor-sweeping dresses sure have enough volume for a romantic allure, the vast majority are focused on delivering the most creative touches without adding too much bulk. Simple and sweet is the desired effect that the brand beautifully highlights throughout the new campaign.

Wedding dresses stripped to the core glam essentials is the style suggestion for a contemporary fun alternative that ultimately provides the modern allure that most brides to be can definitely benefit from. Don’t ever settle for anything less than the very best when picking your wedding dresses as this is one memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, so avoiding compromises is definitely key. With these lovely alternatives as inspiration, expectations will definitely be set very high.

Photo courtesy of 35mm Fashion Photography