High fashion allure at pocket friendly princes is a trend that isn’t going anywhere in the new season. With the multitude of retailer-high end designer collaborations that the recent months have brought us, the appetite for having the best of both worlds, luxurious designs and affordable price ranges has grown significantly. Thankfully, a new such collaboration between Karen Walker and Anthropologie is about to be launched and this stringent fashion can be temporarily satisfied.

The latest collaboration named Hi There from Karen Walker is set to be launched in March and includes a myriad of feminine, chic yet ultra wearable outfits. A subtle vibe of retro chic touches yet a fuss free approach to creating the outfits make the new line instantly appealing. A multitude of stripes in the collection strengthen the belief that this style element is still one of the hottest of the season. With the multitude of classy skirts, stylish casual dresses and elegant blazers, the mixing and matching opportunities are endless.

Polka dots and prints are also presented in the collection as these style elements have an instant impact in creating a strong focal point. Though none of the motifs used are meant to be particularly striking, some designs are more conspicuous than other , so whether you want to create a fab look without ‘segmenting’ your body or you prefer to have a clearly defined focal point, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Like the structure of the outfits, the color palette is well defined being divided between vibrant tones like hot red, blue, bright yellow and more conservative choices like navy, white and black combos, or nude tones. Comfort is far from being neglected and the choice of masculine shoes paired with white socks helps to instantly bring the outfits to the next level by adding a cool edgy touch that manages to break the anticipated style patterns.

Photo courtesy of Karen Walker