There are certain associations that invariably come to mind when thinking about several luxury brands and Roberto Cavalli and animal prints is certainly one of the best established ones. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that animal prints with a touch of sheen are the style cues the brand uses for the latest collection. Simple, eye-catching, sexy combos with a youthful vibe were undoubtedly the main highlights of the collection.

Sheer details, beads, a touch of sheen with the help of metallic accents are some of the style trends worth mentioning. Feathers or leather are other style details that complete the outfits perfectly. The bohemian vibe of the outfits presented becomes more than obvious if we look at the proportions and the overall structure of some of the pieces presented. Pastel tones, peach or yellow hues or luxurious gold tones are some of the most impressive color choices presented.

Shorts and short dresses with simple yet attention grabbing details will undoubtedly be on the must have list of those who don’t mind getting attention wherever they go and have the necessary confidence to sport such daring pieces. Mid length and long dresses with a subtle asymmetric touch are another great option for those who like the femininity that this type of dress easily provides.

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