The Just Cavalli pre-fall 2014 collection has already been unveiled! Time flies really fast in the fashion industry and it seems that pre-fall options are already starting to emerge. If the new Just Cavalli pre-fall collection is an abbreviated version of what’s to come in the upcoming months, the new options are most likely going to be colorful and fun. The designer chose to put the fashion house’s signature animal prints back into the spotlight after a season in which he kept them subdued and blended with more abstract options.

Sexiness and cool prints mishmashes are the defining characteristics of the new Just Cavalli pre-fall 2014 line. The designer took inspiration from the Persian culture, fusing a multitude of exciting elements. It seems that for Mr. Cavalli femininity is always the preferred choice, even though he doesn’t shy away from incorporating masculine accents into the mix. Given this tendency, it becomes quite obvious why his most feminine designs are the ones that attract the most attention. The gorgeous Just Cavalli dresses for pre-fall 2014 are without a doubt the stars of the new line. Sexy without being trashy and complex without being overwhelming, the new dresses are bound to make a powerful statement every single time.

Just Cavalli Pre Fall 2014 Dress

At the same time, even masculine influences add balance to the Just Cavalli pre-fall 2014 collection. After all, the Cavalli girl is no wallflower and a bit of toughness can certainly help get that message across. Leather accents, chic reinterpreted biker jackets with cool metallic accents and even oversized coats are just some of the elements which add a modern vibe to the new looks.

As always, the secret behind the cool new looks is the clever combination between different elements, from mixes of animal prints and metallic accents to animal prints and graphic patterns combos. Accessories-wise, the choice palette is narrower, revolving only around ankle boots, chic clutches and studded belts.

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Photos: WWD