Long gone are the days in which the velour jumpsuit dominated the fashion scene at Juicy Couture as it seems that the brand has evolved and bloomed to reveal its full potential, bringing new, casual-chic garments that are stylish yet fun at the same time. With a little bit of glamor drizzled over the new collection that still maintains its Californian style, the designs will be quite difficult to resist especially since the designs are quite diverse when it comes to both style and color.

Juicy Couture’s creative director and president, LeAnn Nealz, steered the brand towards a more grown-up style, however without erasing for eternity the trademark elements that helped the label leave its print over the fashion industry. For example, this year the new collection marked the comeback of a Juicy Couture signature fashion item, the tracksuit, which has been given a bit of an upgrade by being paired with a cool cut-out top and a pair of stylish pointy-toe heels.

Venturing with high speed into the new terrain, Juicy Couture demonstrates that it has plenty to offer as far as style and quality go as the brand’s spring 2013 collection brings front-and-center all the elements an urban glamor-girl would want to own. From stylish blazers to adorable jumpsuits, mini dresses, graphic tees, wide leg pants, waist cut jackets, sexy shorts and tropical shorts suits that attract attention like a magnet, the brand has the perfect ensemble for every casual occasion, whether it’s going out shopping or for a fun night out or just longing by the pool having the time of your life.

The fabulous designs aim to provide comfort through the cuts that allow the garments to flow around the body without adding that tightness that is not always flattering and provides more discomfort rather than the effect every girl should look for: lightness when it comes to movement. Going along with the new season trends, the collection puts on display an array of joyful pigments and patterns, especially tropical patterns and pretty polka dots, meaning you’ll be able to play with different looks depending on your mood. Go simple and chic with monochromes and edgy yet sophisticated with fabulous prints as either way you’ll look fabulous.

To show off how chic the new designs featured in the spring 2013 collection are, the label tapped Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel, to star in the short campaign short-film signed Zoe Cassavetes and the result: well, words can’t describe what a fabulous choice the brand made as the adorable model rocked every piece like a diva, putting into value all the brand’s designs and making them look irresistible, so check out the fabulous collection and the lovely short-film so you can contour an idea of what Juicy Couture items you’ll want to wear this upcoming spring!

Photos courtesy of style.com