Juicy Couture is continuing its venture into new terrain with its pre-fall 2013 designs and the result is hot, hot, hot! The brand’s decision to rethink and reinvent its style has worked as apparently the designs provide a higher dose of variety appropriate for a wider age group. Long gone are the days when the iconic velour tracksuit dominated the Juicy Couture offerings as nowadays the brand concentrates on bringing chic garments that vary from comfy jeans and shorts to flirty dresses, fabulous blazers and stylish tees. However, the outfit that helped push the brand to fame, the tracksuit, is also present although it takes on a more subtle presence that gets lost in the sizzling up-to-date silhouettes that dominate the collection.

Juicy Couture’s creative director, LeAnn Nealz, decided to take a fun and flirty, almost summery approach to style with its pre-fall 2013 collection, which seems a bit of a gamble since most designers chose to incorporate autumnal pigments in their designs. However, the bright color palette of the collection, combined with down to earth elements and patterns, gives Juicy Couture that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that conquers from first glimpse.

Feeling like planning an escapade to an exotic island? Well, this collection will help you get even more creative with your plan as the fluid dresses, paisley prints and fab floral motifs will guide you towards a dreamy world where looking fabulous seems effortless. The entire collection feels light and relaxed, but let’s get one thing straight: glamor has not been shoved to the side in the name of practicality this pre-fall 2013 season at Juicy, on the contrary, these elements have been fused to deliver the right amount of both with each outfit.

Its comfy chicness is sexed up by animal print brocade jeans, bohemian chic lightly embroidered dresses, off the shoulder blouses and super stylish blazers that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the look you’re going for. Juicy Couture advises you to mix and match elements this upcoming season, so put denim to good use and pair it with stylish tees, simple or featuring Juicy Couture slogans, blazers or cardigans. This upcoming season your options are endless, so reconsider pairing some unlikely items to achieve the ultimate high street look all season long!

Photos via style.com