It’s always exciting to discover fabulous interpretations of the next season’s new fashion trends in a simple and completely wearable style. Those with a modern approach to style and a desire to find trendy and youthful style clothing will most likely discover a myriad of interesting and creative style options to help them plan for the upcoming season in advance in the latest Juicy Couture lookbook.

Even from a quick glance at some of the options suited for the transition between seasons we are excited to discover the fact that many of the summer’s hottest trends will still be hot choices for fall. Stripes, polka dots, ruffles, ultra feminine dresses or denim are some of the beloved trends that seem to continue to play an important role in creating fashionable outfits in the cold season.

Think you have to settle for dark colored clothing and accessories in matching tones? Well, think again as there is no need to stop showing your soft spot for bright, vivid tones with the fabulous accessory styles presented by the well known brand. Colorful handbags in all shapes and sizes make up an important part of the lookbook, eliminating the preconceived notion that strong colors are somewhat a no-no for cold weather.

If color blocking is not really your go to style choice, yet you are still looking for a simple and completely fashionable way to spice up ordinary outfit, focusing on fashionable jewelry is the next best option. Don’t shy away from colorful bracelets beautifully paired with elegant watches or fabulous layered necklaces for a luxurious and modern fashion touch. Chain bags in seductive golden tones can make a similarly interesting fashion statement when chosen properly.

Among the key pieces with a high degree of versatility we can spot a myriad of dark wash skinny jeans, leggings, ultra flattering trench coats, stylish cardigans, ankle boots or colorful scarfs. In addition, a few interpretations of another popular trend for late fall and winter that will be spotted on many important runways, faux fur, is also presented. Prints also seem to be somewhat popular, however the interpretation is completely different from what we saw during the hot season.

All in all, the latest lookbook from Juicy Couture is filled with a myriad of style suggestions that range from classy, sexy and versatile to hot, modern, trendy and eye-catching. Choose the style suggestions that most suit your personality and fashion visions and get ready to welcome the colder season with a series of stylish pieces that will immediately highlight your exquisite fashion choices.

Photo courtesy of Juicy Couture