Bold new approaches which merge with familiar concepts often combine into thought provoking alternatives that sure challenge our preconceptions. The feeling is definitely suited for the Jonathan Saunders spring 2013 collection which takes high metallic shine and classy vibes which manage to steal the spotlight immediately. The choice of coming up with something different for every season is proving a worthwhile one as we get to see new sides of the designer’s creative approach.

Geometric patterns are being reinvented and presented as a strong focal point worth adopting. Femininity is no longer reflected in the traditional sense with ruffles, florals or pleats but rather through a series of shocking metallics, striking diagonal stripes, a variety of influences from the glorious ’70s and a myriad of eye-catching sequins are just some of the things you’re encouraged to experiment with for the upcoming season.

Since the shine pretty much becomes the spotlight of most outfits, going for uber bright tones or color blocking would definitely prove an overkill. Still, this doesn’t mean that bold saturated tones are neglected. Au contraire. Making a colorful statement is still encouraged. Fun polka dots, interesting ombre accents or daring cuts all come to extend the appeal of the pieces presented in the newest collection of the designer.

With all the focus on creating a fun outfit through proportions and intriguing textures with hints of the edginess of disco balls, there’s little need for bold accessories to complete the looks. Still, playing with fairly subtle animal printed shoes, going for a subtly contrasting color or simply going for the safe route with netural sandals can all be viable choices. Beauty-wise, experimenting with dramatic parts or dark glossy lips can be fabulous ideas for a quick and classy update.

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