No matter how inclined we are to hunt the hottest seasonal trends, there’s almost always a constant that never changes: the love for the always reliable denim. Jeans are a reliable base of a seductive outfit and with the great variety of style, boredom is never an issue. The spring/summer 2012 Joe’s Jeans lookbook definitely explores the idea that variety is the best asset when trying to create a fabulous casual look and plans the outfits accordingly.

From ripped jeans to dark washes, the styles are well adapted for a variety of looks. From urban chic vibes to girly touches, there is no one size fits all type of look in the brand’s vision. A touch of color, an emphasis on comfort and a very relaxed vibe are the main constants of the latest Joe’s Jeans lookbook. It appears that ripped jeans and light washes remain a super popular choice for summer along with a multitude of shorts of different washes.

Colored jeans are a great variation from the regular choices and can be even more exciting when paired with another denim piece. Due to the color variation, the transition is a lot more natural and all the more refreshing. A few simple layering rules and a few basic accessories can truly go a long way and the outfits endorsed adequately show this simple yet powerful style principle. Functionality backed by style is a perfect alternative for chic, fuss free outfits.

Unexpected patterns or textures are the quickest path to creating an outfit that will stand out in a pleasant way and the lookbook shows plenty examples of how textural touches can really elevate a look without a lot of effort directed towards achieving this effect. Embrace the casual chic look by taking a few style cues from the brand’s lookbook for a quick, effortless and flattering new season style update.

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