Still looking for the fab pair of jeans that will be the base of your most exciting new season looks? Then, it’s definitely worth analyzing the new looks from Joe’s jeans which bring casual wear into the spotlight with simple yet uber stylish combos you’ll want to draw inspiration from and even replicate. Keeping things interesting while still having fun mixing and matching things up is the main concept behind the new looks yet the vibes are incredibly modern.

Animal prints, leather, geometric vibes and even sequins make their way into the new season looks by the label. One thing’s for certain though: flared jeans have taken a back seat for the season and the skinny jeans supremacy has taken over. Still, you don’t need to settle for the ordinary tones only. Colored jeans are a fab way to break monotony and show off your fab legs. The ‘it’ piece of the moment, leather pants, are also reflected beautifully in the new season looks.

Keeping combos simple and relatively toned down is one of the best ways to ensure you won’t overdo any trend and risk looking like a fashion victim. This is especially important if you’re trying to include sequins into daywear as here a little goes a long way most of the time, so starting with a few accents at first rather than big pieces is definitely recommended. Faux fur pieces are another great thing you can use to add a trendy vibe to your look and stay warm at the same time.

By selecting interesting pieces and keeping pattern in areas were you want attention to be drawn, you’ll have no problem looking fab and trendy with little need for accessories. Still, a fab pair of pumps, a good belt or a versatile purse can prove wonderful additions for completing your look in style. Stay fab all season long with some of these simple yet delightful ideas.

Photo courtesy of Joe’s Jeans