Go on a mysterious and dramatic style journey with the fabulous Jitrois campaign for the fall/winter 2012-2013 season and discover how simplicity and refinement can merge into spectacular outfits.

High class, elegance and refinement. These are the first thoughts that come to mind when taking a glance at the newest Jitrois ad campaign for fall 2012. Models Masha Voronina, Chris Doe, Nadine Ponce and Tuuli Shipster skillfully recreate the refined party sensation that has plenty of retro flair in it. The label seems to continue to encourage a multitude of body conscious styles for the upcoming season. Modern vibes and deceivingly simple alternatives are the main style suggestions of the label.

Edginess and drama are not defined by ultra flashy perspectives or highly conspicuous options. Instead, the label ensures a dramatic touch through color and the fabrics used to create that amazing sophisticated vibe. Leather dresses have rarely looked so sophisticated as they do in the newest Jitrois ad campaign. Leather is indeed one of the most frequently used fabrics by the label due to its amazing power to attract attention like a powerful magnet.

Dark tones are preferred for their versatility and amazing ability to create powerful contrasts. With the right textural touches, the label manages to attract interest without even trying too hard. Fur inserts, sophisticated cutouts or fun accessories are only a few examples when it comes to focusing on little details with tremendous overall impact. The idea of dramatic sophistication is definitely worth exploring if you're a fan of the label or of the edgier styles.

Simple yet spectacular is the style mission worth taking on. This fall, dare to embrace your edgy, glam loving side. This way you'll have no problem creating powerful lasting impression. Opt for particularly distinctive accessories like gloves or go on a safer route with color coordinated ones such as practical handbags. Either way, breaking out of the comfort zone can definitely prove beneficial.

Photo courtesy of Jitrois