The new season is rapidly approaching and the fashion choices we’ll have the chance to sport are constantly popping up. We naturally look towards high fashion labels to set the tone and none of them disappoint bringing a variety of exciting style perspectives to the market. We cannot help but be irremediably drawn to the elegant and bold choices the Jimmy Choo label endorses for the new season. From outfits down to accessories, the label is set on making a bold statement and uses a variety of fun pieces for this purpose.

There’s no reason to avoid the spotlight in the new season. With the right color touches and a daring attitude, you can easily create a spectacular look. One of the first and most important points of focus are naturally shoes as these made the label one of the most coveted ones from the industry. The label certainly meets these expectations offering sexy alternatives that will never fail to attract attention. Long high heeled boots are one of the best examples as they instantly manage to add a polished touch to the look. The entire campaign oozes sex appeal and it couldn’t be any other way considering the fact that Terry Richardson was behind the lens.

The label isn’t afraid to display a little shine, which is why alongside bold fringes and ubiquous animal print motifs the campaign also includes gold and silver toned sandals in order to spice things up a bit. The bags are not a strong focus for the campaign but we can definitely see that many of the same style principles are endorsed and handbags are seen as more of a statement making tool than a practical addition to complete the outfits and emphasize them subtly.

We’ve already picked up on the fact that fur will most likely be a strong presence in the seasons to come from other retailers, however, the label really spices things up by going the extra mile and not only offering flashy designs but also opting for a variety of colors to really steal the spotlight on every single occasion. Revealing our inner diva is certainly a lot simpler daring pieces like the ones included in the newest ad campaign by the label.