Keeping up with the latest fashion trends could be extremely challenging if it weren’t for the multitude of ad campaigns released by some of the most influential brands from the industry. Comprising the overall vision of a brand for a particular season, most fashion ad campaigns are filled with interesting styles with a strong artistic side.

The Jill by Jill Stuart spring 2011 ad campaign has a well defined artistic component that becomes apparent immediately. Portraying some of the most expressive decades of the past, the campaign highlights the vintage elegance that has contributed so much to the development of the current fashion trends. Featuring the gorgeous model Hailey Clauson, the outdoor photo shoot, lensed by Skye Parrott, mimics the old Hollywood glamor in a fairly realistic manner. Hailey Clauson, who also appeared in several important ad campaigns for various influential brands such as Dsquared2, Gucci or Mavi Jeans looks absolutely stunning in the various feminine outfits with undeniable romantic touches.

Jill by Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Highlighting many of the most predominant style trends of the season, the campaign provides a multitude of cute yet sultry outfit suggestions.

Polka dots, stripes, vintage pleated short and mid length skirts, ankle socks, retro sunglasses along with a fabulous selection of espadrille wedges, peep toe pumps or sandals and summerish hats can be considered the main style elements that accurately highlight the vintage theme.

The fun and versatile pieces that can be creatively combined for breath taking results, the classy yet extremely obvious sexy touches as well as the playful overall attitude add uniqueness to this ad campaign making it truly memorable.

Accessories play an essential role in making the outfits presented stand out. Colorful and conspicuous, most of the accessories used provide a clear structure to the outfits, while simultaneously creating various points of interest, depending on their placement. Vibrant hues dominate as far as the accessorizing part is concerned, supporting the idea that a well chosen outfit can really make an outfit catch the eye.

With so many style alternatives available the spring summer 2011 season, finding the perfect pieces that highlight your personality is becoming a fun challenge. Don’t forget to add a few feminine touches to your style every now and then to be able to show off your girly side.

Jill by Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

Photo courtesy of Jill Stuart